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Proyecto BIOS

This department, since its launch in 1992 with the granting of the tender to equip all the kitchens of the Olympic City of Barcelona, has furnished more than 40,000 houses, working for the most important construction and real estate development companies, specialising within the middle to the high end markets.

Alzado y plano

It is composed by a highly qualified Team of Professionals who offers a turnkey service, from conception of the kitchen projects up to the post sale service, advising within all phases of the process required.

Cocina obra Restaura

Equally, it has a Customer Care Department for personalizing the kitchens in case the construction or real estate company wishes to provide a value added service to its customer base. Therefore, the future owners have the possibility to incorporate into their basic unit all the add-ons they desire in order to enjoy their ideal suited kitchen.

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